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Responses to questionnaire completed by Transfer pricing software providers

TP software providers survey Foreword • Transferpricingweb.com developed a questionnaire to provide an insight into the market of Transfer Pricing (“ TP” ) software providers • The participants who responded to our questionnaire and their respective TP software (tools) are listed below: Optravis LLC (“Optravis”): TP Management Tool Universal Units GmbH (“Universal Units”): U2 TP […]

Findings of online survey transfer pricing documentation software

We hereby present the findings of the online survey on transfer pricing documentation software which we conducted in September 2016. The main goal of the survey was to get a feel for the selection criteria that are used by the (potential) buyers of transfer pricing documentation software. Before we started the survey, it was really a […]

Survey for selection of transfer pricing documentation software

A lot of multinationals are affected by the latest BEPS rules on documentation (i.e., Action plan 13) and forced to prepare a Master file and Local files in all countries the group operates (either by way of a local legal entity or permanent establishment). This could be quite a labour intensive task, in particular in […]

Profit Split: is it a realistic method without an APA?

Revised OECD guidance on Profit Splits I just read through the public discussion draft on the revised guidance on transactional profit splits (Please click for the official document as published by the OECD on July 4, 2016). The feeling I had after analysing these 20 pages was that I would (still) not feel very comfortable […]

10 (strategic) questions to prepare for CbC reporting

  As you are probably aware, MNE groups with a consolidated group revenue exceeding EURO 750 million (or local equivalent) need to comply with the Country-by-Country (‘CbC’) reporting requirements. MNEs need to prepare CbC reporting before the end of 2017, or at a later date, dependent on the country. Although CbC reporting gives rise to […]