Responses to questionnaire completed by Transfer pricing software providers

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TP software providers survey


• developed a questionnaire to provide an insight into the market of Transfer Pricing (“ TP” ) software providers

• The participants who responded to our questionnaire and their respective TP software (tools) are listed below:

  1. Optravis LLC (“Optravis”): TP Management Tool
  2. Universal Units GmbH (“Universal Units”): U2 TP Management
  3. Intra Pricing Solutions BV (“Intra Pricing Solutions”): TP Genie
  4. TP Tuned BV (“TP Tuned”): Reptune
  5. TP Hyperion: TPH TP for Hyperion Financial Management
  6. Tax Model BV (“Tax Model”): TaxInterco, TaxBenchmark, TaxTPA, TaxRating, TaxCBC
  7. Longview: Operational TP
  8. Tytho: TP Things

• In our questionnaire, we requested responses for core features of their respective TP software, i.e. whether the tool was primarily meant to facilitate TP risk assessment, financial analyses relating to TP, preparation of TP documentation, management of TP work flows and/or contained commercial source data relevant for TP

• Furthermore, we questioned whether their TP software contained specific functionalities, for instance, the ability to create local and master files, to delegate tasks, to connect with existing financial/ERP software and to conduct margin calculations and analyses

• We concluded with some questions relevant to understand the pricing of the TP software, implementation process, access and support

• Please refer to the next slides for a summary of responses provided by the participants to specific questions. The comprehensive and respective responses of the participants’ are provided as a separate Appendix to this presentation

• We are highly grateful to all participants for their contributions!

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